6 Amazing Activities You Didn’t Know You Could Do on a Cruise

While the thought of spending days at sea may seem like the perfect time to curl up and read a great book, there are many fun things to do at sea. In fact, with so many fun activities, you may want to re-consider day excursions so that you have more energy to spend on activities […]

American Airlines mechanic still showing up early to work, 75 years later!

When Azriel “Al” Blackman got his first job at an airline, he was a 16-year-old high school graduate making $0.50 per hour as an apprentice in the sheet metal shop.  Seventy-five years and countless airplanes later, Blackman, an employee of American Airlines, was  recognized Tuesday with a celebration in New York and the dedication of […]

Travel etiquette: What would you do?

It’s a common sight at airports around the country – clusters of travelers in key locations hoping to eke out a little more “juice” for their smartphones and tablets before boarding a flight. So, too, is jockeying for position to get a seat, or be at the front of the line in the airline boarding […]

2017 International Toilet Tourism Award winners announced

Great loos in tourism destinations become talking points, encourage repeat visits and can be a positive indicator of how the host community respects tourists.